Here’s What We’re Going to Cover:

  • Discover why Task Management skills are the single most important skills needed to deliver projects ahead of schedule...
  • Find out how to avoid the 7 Project Killing Mistakes
  • Show me a failed project and I can show where it made one or more of the 7 Project Killing Mistakes
  • I will present each one, and show you what exactly you can do to avoid them
  • CASE STUDY — Ahead of Schedule Project Performance
  • Find out how I took my projects from 15% behind to 17% ahead of schedule
  • Discover how a massive $1.7 billion dollar project destroyed my performance and what I did to get ahead of schedule
  • ... and much, MUCH more

I find it interesting that the current PMBOK dedicates 64 pages to [...]

What level of confidence do you have in your Task Estimates? Who [...]

I work with project managers from countries all over the globe. I [...]


Task Management Mastery is the single most important Project Management Skill










The lessons:

  • Art of Delegation
  • Defining the Task
  • Assigning your Tasks
  • Estimating your Tasks
  • Releasing your Tasks
  • Monitoring your Tasks
  • Reducing Task Risk
  • Data Collection, Reporting, and Action

Task Management Mastery Course

Steven Souther, put over 15 years of professional project management experience into the course, and has received awards for outstanding performance by companies including IBM, Xerox, and others.

The Method embraces Edward Deming's TQM , and by Jeff Sutherland's SCRUM principles.

The course covers 8 lesson, 8 lesson review, and weekly live Q&A sessions. It is delivered online. Just a web browser and Internet connection is needed to complete the course.

In addition, if you have a PMP certification, you will be happy to know that the  course qualifies for 12 PDUs.

You are completely protected by the unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee - you've got 30 days to check everything out, 100% risk free.


The complete Task Management Method Step-by-Step. 

A comprehensive guide to delivering outstanding projects.

This Blueprint is loaded with information laying out all of the steps necessary to succeed at Task Management. It covers the complete Lagility Task Management Method.  It is easy to read and organized for easy reference.  So whether you’re a seasoned PMP, or new to the game and want improve your performance, this Blueprint guides the way...

PMO Mastermind Group

When it comes to collective PMP experience, this group has it in a BIG way.  See what other PMPs are challenged with, and how they attack AND solve these problems. In some cases, the presenter has the solution to the problem, and sometimes they are looking for suggestions from the group.

The Mastermind group meets online each month to present PMP challenges and develops solutions for them.  Meetings are recorded and cataloged so members can reference them later. You can attend the live webinar, and or watch the replay... 

A 6-month subscription to the PMO Mastermind Group is $297.


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