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Features and Benefits

Task management can be downright frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be!   You can have confidence with current and accurate status reporting right at your fingertips — always knowing what to focus on – and what not to.  Stop chasing status and start delivering Tasks ahead of schedule with Lagility Tasks.

Ahead of Schedule

Lagility Task Resources consistently complete their Tasks ahead of schedule. The Lagility method is responsible for this, and the Tool is built specifically to support it.  It is exciting to watch enthusiastic resources deliver ahead of schedule.

Cloud Access

Access Lagility-Tasks anytime or anywhere on in the cloud on your computer, iPad, tablet or mobile phone.

Delegate Effectively

Delegate tasks and projects with ease, skill, and leadership. Improve your team's accountability and proactivity through effective delegation using Lagility-tasks.

Work comfortably, knowing that tasks and projects assigned are being worked by responsive resources.

Easy Find

Communication and searching is made easier with one collaborative platform where all team conversation and task data are organized for quick reference.

Keep project and tasks on track without having to babysit, micromanage, question, escalate, or likely take over driving the task to completion.

Schedule Performance

Set your resources up to succeed. Lagility Tasks makes it easy with method and tools to make it happen.

  • Clear Task Definitions
  • Resource Task Estimating
  • Daily Reporting & Review

Stand Confident

Experience up-to-date status without having chasing it. You can trust your resources will report the true status each day.

  • Easy Resource status submission
  • Automatic Status Reminders
  • Automatic Work Plan Corrections

Enthusiastic Resources

Observe your resources motivated and making your task their top priority. They report inhibitors early and stay focused to deliver ahead of schedule.

  • Easy remaining effort & inhibitor reporting
  • Clear graphical Task Status plan
  • Easy access to task communications and resources

Centralized Communications

Communications are easy and organized for individuals, groups, tasks, and projects. Finding the relevant information that you need is a breeze.

  • Single-Point computer & smart phone access
  • Auto logging of activities to conversations
  • Virtual team collaboration

Dashboard View & Reports

Quickly understand - who is active, the task status, resource utilization, and more. Save time by seeing what is most important.

  • Tasks Profile: ahead, behind, or on schedule
  • 14 Day Resource Utilization
  • Late Reporters List


Stay ahead of schedule by creating, managing, and keeping your team updated with project events or meetings.

  • Calendar month view with tooltips
  • Individual Alert Notification settings
  • Event notification
  • Project specific
  • Event filters
  • Recurring Events


Managing your tasks with Lagility-Tasks tool has never been so easy! As long as there is internet connection/data available, you can now access your tasks and reach out to other team members anytime, anywhere!


  • Quickly check notifications
  • View Tasks Reports
  • Estimate and update assigned tasks
  • Communicate with other team members
  • View and create calendar events
  • All features included

More Features

Easy Task Management

  • Quickly build your team
  • Guided Task Definitions
  • Management Delegation
  • Task Reassignment & Reschedule
  • Import Task (CSV)
  • Link Task Assets

T​​​​asks on Time

  • Accurate Task Estimates
  • Instant Notifications
  • Schedule Review before Release
  • Dedicated Resource hours
  • Project Activity Calendar
  • Real-time message exchange 

Motivated Resources

  • Approved Work Plans & Expectations
  • Easy to report Status & Inhibitors
  • Committed to delivering on time
  • Confident in Leadership
  • Filter Capable Data
  • Download Task Data(PDF)

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